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  • Knockout Game

    Knockout Game

    Buster and Scaggs are about to pay their country back for its lack of civil involvement when they encounter a group of thugs and things go bad. Knockout Game is a short film produced for and by House of DON Productions © 2014. See it on IMDb:   Credits: […]

  • The Gradations of Purgatory

    The Gradations of Purgatory

    After Paul dies he gets to make few last choices in purgatory. But, little does he realize that those choices seal the fate of his next life. Winner of Best Nevada Short Film, PollyGrind Underground Film Festival. The Gradations of Purgatory is a short film produced for the Project Green […]

  • If Only Tonight I Could Sleep

    If Only Tonight I Could Sleep

    The Official Music Video for “If Only Tonight I Could Sleep” from the Award-Winning Album Echoes In The Dark by David Rosen. Directed by Douglas Farra for House of DON Productions What does addiction sound like? The answer: ‘If Only Tonight I Could Sleep.’ This is the story of one […]

  • A Moral Discord

    A Moral Discord

    WARNING – Some sexually implied content. “We follow Donnie as he wakes up after sleeping off a bender. The first things on his mind are beer, smokes, hookers and death. He smokes a cigarette and heads out for some more beer but during his journey he gets into a scuffle. […]



    Producers and Donations needed for Finding The Truth: Movie production costs big money when you are dealing with Hollywood, but it is possible to create quality independent films on a very small budget. However, some money is still required and that’s were producers, investors and donations come into play. To […]