Vitamin Z – Kick off

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Vitamin Z, zombies, film, Las Vegas, production, movie, created by Douglas Farra

House of DON Productions is kicking off its web series “Vitamin Z” in the next few months. We will begin shooting the series on December 9, 2012 and cut the first episode by February 2013. We will then release new episodes on a bi-weekly basis.

What is “Vitamin Z” you might ask…good question!

The series is based in the near future after another typical zombie apocalypse. However, this story takes place later into the apocalypse than most.

The story centers around a small group of “survivors” that have been together for awhile. They are near the ends of all means of life, which means- there is no food left. The group decides they will have to try something new in order to survive and guess what becomes their nutritional supplement?!

Stay tuned for updates, pics and videos prior to the release of the series premier.


We will be needing ZOMBIES on a regular basis. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Zombie:

We must be contacted by each individual wishing to participate. If we have not been contacted in this manner, then you will not be cast as a zombie. NO WALK-INS.

Zombie extra requirements:

  • You will need to be able to act creepy and slow.
  • You must realize that you will most likely die, but can be re-casted as a zombie again in the future.
  • Must provide your own zombie clothing. The more creative the wardrobe, the better chance you will have of being a “focal-point zombie.”
  • Examples of creative wardrobe: Zombie bride, clown zombie, special forces zombie, muscular zombie, super sexy zombie, ext.
  • REMEMBER – Your zombie wardrobe will be torn, stained and possibly destroyed during the project, so use items that are no longer important to you.

No previous experience necessary.

There is no compensation for zombies. You will be provided food and credits in the film. You may also use portions of the project for you reel if you need it.


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