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Leverage, Douglas Farra Film


House of DON Productions is casting for the film “Leverage” and other projects…

Monday, December 10 from 6-9 p.m.

Hollywood Bound Acting Academy | 7220 S. Cimarron Road #100 | Las Vegas, NV 89113

“Leverage” is an action/drama set in Las Vegas. The story takes place over a 2 day period with some flashbacks to 2 years prior.

Logline – “A woman seeks revenge on her mob boss father for murdering her sister.”


We are Casting for:

Jasmine/Kasandra/Ashley: 3 females, ages 22-30, fit/athletic body types (*Store Clerk)

Chance/Mike: 2 males, ages 22-30, fit/athletic body types

Shane/Billy: 2 males, ages 28-35, medium build (*Smooth Guy)

Ivan: 1 male, age 30-45, build can vary, must be able to speak in Russian dialect

John/Tommy: 2 males, age 35-45, big/large body type

Kevin/Luke: 2 males, age 35-45, small/medium body type

Body Guard/Door Man: 2 males, age 30-40, muscular build

Mr. Lancelatti: 1 male, age 55-65, build can vary (*Homeless Man)

*Small roles and extras will also be offered if not casted for any of the characters above.

*Bartender      *Bar Chick      *Baristas (2)    *Customers (2)

*Store Clerk    *Smooth Guy  *Homeless Man


Please provide a resume and photo.

This is a non-union production.


The compensation for this film will include: food during shooting; credits in the film; and rights to use material for your demo reel.



Contact us through our website or by email:

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